Voice of VOX on Mobius Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Mobius

Final Fantasy: Mobius


– voice of VOX on Mobius Final Fantasy

I was the voice inside the player’s head on this long running mobile game by Square Enix. And yes, the character’s name is VOX. Direction for VOX was an etherial, all-knowing, god-like voice, who was also manipulative, toying, and vengeful. First recording sessions were in 2015 and I’d go into Tom Hays’ amazing studio, Rocket Sound in LA a few times a year to record new chapters. The great James D. Mortellaro voice directed me for all 5 years, the super fast and furious Zavosh Rad engineered with mass efficiency, Daniel Khim rocked the details. Many thanks to all the producers at Square Enix that wrote and directed us talent in this game.

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Here’s some quick answers to common questions about voice actors in videogames.
1. Most voice jobs in games are done within a few hours, while bigger roles and games with expansion packs and updates will have actor come back for more sessions in the future, but not often.
2. Actors rarely see a script. Usually, we know very little about what we’re working on. We jump in the booth and read lines from a monitor that has our lines on it.
3. Even if the job is SAG-AFTRA actors don’t get residuals. It’s a flat rate for the session and a very small bump if millions of copies are sold.
4. It’s very fun, but challenging work.

voice of VOX on Mobius Final Fantasy



February 1, 2020