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Voice of Carl Jung in The Red Book Movie Trailer

Nope, I’m not German, but I did spend my Junior and High School years growing up in Frankfurt, Germany.
My parents were civilians working for the American Armed Forces, but we lived on “the economy” which meant we lived off-base with the locals. Which meant my friends were German, Israeli, Armenian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Czech, French. Despite the diversity we all basically spoke either English or German.

True story:
While skateboarding in Bad Soden (Frankfurt suburb), I tried my best to fit in and speak the limited German I had learned up to that point. I fumbled out the words “Wir gehen aus der Bahnhof.” My friends kept skating by when Christian yelled, “Shut the fuck up, it’s faster if we just speak English.” So… we mostly spoke English, but always with various German and other accents. Never realized how useful it would become 20 years later.

For The Red Book Movie, producers were looking for someone who could believably sound like psychologist Carl Jung, but younger and as if he was reading and reminiscing over his thoughts.


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Voice of Carl Jung in The Red Book Movie Trailer

The “Red Book” is Carl G. Jung’s carefully-crafted journal of his process of self-discovery, born out of a series of terrifying waking visions. Jung thought he was on the verge of losing his mind.

Now, 100 years since its creation, the private contents of this book have been made public for the first time. The Red Book documentary brings to life the astonishing story behind the Red Book and the man who created it.


February 1, 2020