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Mike Vaughn voices TV ad for Tortuga


You should check out Tortuga Backpacks because they really are very well made packs, and because Fred and Jeremy are super awesome. And they al

I met Jeremy Michael Cohen when I was auditioning for upper level USC graduate film projects. He booked me on a handful of fun projects, so when he asked if I’d help him and Fred on this marketing piece, I said, uh yeah, of course.
I also make a couple of quick appearances in the spot. And yes, the convertible car was the car I drove while living in LA. I’m a cliche, I know.
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Here’s some great insight from Tortuga as well:

Checking luggage is a nightmare.

You pay $50 in baggage fees and still risk having your luggage lost, delayed, or damaged. Even if your luggage arrives unharmed, you’ll still be weighed down by too much stuff. You shouldn’t be paying money just to have more bags to drag around.

Like you, we were frustrated by our luggage.

On a backpacking trip to Eastern Europe in 2009, we (Fred and Jeremy) learned how hard it is to travel with the wrong gear. The shoulder strap ripped off of Jeremy’s bag on the first day. Fred had to check his giant backpack. The bag arrived on time but was a disorganized mess.

The trip was a blast, but our luggage was a disaster. Despite weeks of pre-trip research, we couldn’t find the perfect travel backpack. So we made it.

Expert travelers don’t check bags. They save on baggage fees and spend that money enjoying their trip. They travel light and breeze through the airport while everyone else is awaiting their fate at the baggage carousel.

Mike Vaughn voices TV ad for Tortuga

February 1, 2020