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Miles Across the Sea


Voice of Relay in Miles Across the Sea

I was flattered to provide the voice of Relay in Miles Across the Sea. I think everyone involved  had high-hopes for this project, but sadly, it never got past the animatic stage; never making it to the PBS airwaves.

However, the experience was priceless. Not only did I get to work with some of the top names in animation voiceover, but I also got to learn the hard lesson that not every project makes it to the finish line, including the ones filled with promise.
Relay is a fun-loving Otter. He’s the devil on Mile’s shoulder, but it is a kids show, so Relay is more about careless play than any sort of evil. I channeled one of my childhood friends for this job, threw in some Jack Black energy and you can see the results in this behind-the-scenes animatic clip.

There was one recording session with all talent in the room. Yes! The illusive ensemble read, which was rare in 2012 and even more rare now.

Check out who else was on this project. Amazing!
Jim Cummings as Grandpa Earl
Elizabeth Daily as Miles
Paul Eiding as Shelby
Jason Frazier as Bed-Headed Fred
Grey Griffin as Madge / Midge
Bryton James as Eli
Joey Paul Jensen as Scram
Josie Loren as Jessie
Kath Soucie as Grandma Pearl
and Gary Anthony Williams as B.B.

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February 1, 2020