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Mike Vaughn voices the Anti-Corona TV Spot for

Mike Vaughn voices the Anti-Corona TV Spot for The next time you hear the word “vacations,” don’t picture people drinking beer on lazy beaches. Instead, imagine sweeping vistas, sweet summits and overall having an adventure you won’t ever forget. Live a little more when you visit Bend, Oregon.

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Bend, OR
Mike Vaughn … Voice Over)
This Oregon video promotes Mt. Bachelor and winter sports in Bend, Oregon. It’s all about the outdoor activities in Central Oregon. Bend offers more ways to play outdoors than any destination on the planet. We know that 99% of you won’t ever summit snow-capped mountains or bounce down a pillow line, but you will be inspired to tackle your ideal outdoor recreation adventure. It’s all about loving your life a little more in Bend, Oregon. Video and editing by Alport Innovations.
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February 1, 2020