Chatterbox Escape the Asylum



Mike Vaughn is SERGE in Chatterbox: Escape the Asylum

I love experimental projects like this.
This was equal parts on-camera and voiceover work in an interactive video.

Interactive video, eh? How does that work you ask? Well, basically you, the viewer, are in the mind of Jed while Two voices in his head guide you, allowing you to make choices, directing Jed toward disaster or rapture. Other patients include a famous escapist, a religious scholar and an ex-nurse. All battle mental illness, banding together to help Jed escape. But can you ever outrun madness?

I’m Serge, one of the two voices that guide you. You know the good angel / bad angel thing… well surprisingly, I’m the good(ish) guy. The rational, logical one trying to keep a lid on the chaos. Not exactly in my wheelhouse, but my best friend is totally this guy, so I did my best Brian Watkins interpretation.

A highlight from this project was working with Vicki Lewis, a very talented woman who’s work on News Radio I just loved. Very fun. Ron Jeremy was also on set. Great crew, super fun project. Thanks again Mercedes Bryce Morgan (director), Ilan Benjamin  and Michelle Hantman (writer), Josh Epstein and Timothy Kerigan (producers), and Ian Quill, Cinematographer, and everyone else on this one.

See “Video Game Work” for more voice work in games.

Mike Vaughn is SERGE in Chatterbox: Escape the Asylum

Chatterbox, which is backed by the experimental entertainment company Adaptive Studios and produced by the media-tech company Eko, is more indie than those other projects. 


February 1, 2020