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Voice of PBS Kids

One of my very first promo voiceover jobs was for a show on PBS called “Wild Kratts” in 2010.

It was, and still is, a popular kids show using animation and live action. Following that job I’d receive a few other auditions for various PBS shows, but only booked a couple.

Then in 2016 I was asked if I was interested in being the promo voice for a new channel called PBS Kids. It was one of those extra stations you get with an HD antenna or on cable, and now streaming online as well.

Of course I said yes and I’ve been voicing various PBS Kids promos ever since. They have always been one of my more gracious, kind and ultra-low maintenance clients.

Working on PBS Kids has allowed me to explore a much more fun and playful side.

It’s quite a contrast from my usual bad-scary guy stuff. The acting techniques I use for most PBS Kids jobs is that of “talking to one person” while telling them new information they must know about right now! And that “one person” is usually a kid I know who would actually watch the show I’m talking about. It’s various combinations of: friendly, excited, cool brother, fun uncle, and sometimes lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek gravitas. No matter how I break it down, it’s always a fun session and it’s fun to hear the results when my 3 year old has the station on.

Quick info for those of you not in the voiceover business. “Promo Voiceover Work” is just one of many categories of vo work. In this case Promos are ads for TV shows and networks. 

I have more Promo VO Samples, and if you’d like a free scratch track with pretty fast turnaround for your project, just ask.

The stuff you hear on PBS to this day was recorded in my professional home studio where I work with Sennheiser 416, Rode 2000, and NT2 microphones, a Focusrite ISA One Pre Amp, Scarlet 18i20 Interface, Logic Pro, and ProTools. Connections available: Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Phone, pretty much whatever. And I’m always happy to offer free scratch tracks to help with your edit.

Voice of PBS Kids


February 1, 2020