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Remember the incident with my critique of Voice123 and their interesting response?

Well, below is example of how Voice123 coulda-woulda-shoulda have handled it.
The first message is the automated response you get when you quit the application process at the point they ask for a credit card (two pages in) to “register.”

Rich Carnahan <> wrote:

Our records show that you began the registration for Audition America but did not upload a monologue. May I ask why you elected to not complete the process? Your feedback can help us shape the future of our competition this season and in the future. I’d love for you to reconsider and come back to www.AuditionAmerica.TV for your shot at national notoriety. I hope to see your audition soon.

Natalia Gould
Research Assistant | Cync Entertainment  LLC
Audition America ™ – The Search for America’s Favorite New Actors ™
Online @

— my response —

Because charging a $42 fee for “registration” is a scummy thing to do.
Actors should NEVER pay outright to audition or be represented. is obviously a scam.

— her response —

From: Cync Entertainment <>

This isn’t an “audition” in the traditional sense of the word. It’s is a competition with “audition” in the title, and most every competition has an entry fee. Even when TV shows are submitted for Emmys or movies for the Oscars, there is an entry fee. Audition America is no different. The fact is, we do not have national sponsors like some of the other reality competitions that have been around for almost a decade. Therefore, we’re asking our contestants to share part of the financial responsibility of running a competition of this magnitude in order to insure the show’s success and warrant its return for seasons to come. I’m sorry you feel we are attempting to be unethical, but that’s unfair. In reality, we’re giving actors – very likely, struggling actors – a chance at national notoriety.

Judging by your distrusting response, it’s probably unlikely that you’ll reconsider and join us. I understand. You may not be right for the competition. Not every singer tries out for American Idol either. I wish you the very best, and thank you for taking the time to write me back. Your opinions are of great value to our team.

Warm regards,


So… conclusion: while I still think “Audition America” is a misleading organization (they posted on actor casting websites without mention of having to pay a fee), at least they come clean on their true intentions. -mv

8 Responses to “and I quote, “This isn’t an ‘audition’ in the traditional sense of the word.””

  1. But I do like how they mention “American Idol”… Do “they” charge a registration fee?

    I get that most contests have an entry fee BUT do National TV shows? And is the entry fee really the thing that helps share the financial responsibility.

    AND If they make a profit, will they share that back?

    I’m actually asking? And I do find the word “audition” an odd choice of words if you are going to say it is not a “traditional” audition… that would make it NOT an audition.

    I’m just say’n…

    Samwise Aaron

  2. Excellent points, Mr. Aaron!
    Maybe they’ll respond.


  3. Michael,

    First, let me address Mr. Aaron’s comment…while shows like American Idol or any other show that has on-site auditioning does not charge a fee for entry, a contestant typically spends, at minimum, several hundred dollars to attend after considering the costs associated with taking the time off work, traveling, lodging, eating, parking and other incidentals. In fact, it’s usually a commitment of several thousand dollars if another person travels with the contestant and there is a need to stay for several days.

    That being said, my reason for contacting you is to let you know that because of concerns from folks like yourself, Cync Entertainment is waiving all entry fees for Audition America and has issued full refunds to those contestants who have already registered. Our team is now following the traditional route of seeking corporate sponsorships and broadcast partners in order to get Audition America on the air.

    Because of our change in process, it is more important now than ever before that actors support our efforts. They now have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can help by uploading a monologue at AuditionAmerica.TV or visiting our site and signing our “We Want Audition America on TV” petition.

    Thank you in advance for your support.


    Natalia Gould

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  8. Who ever the money-grubbing, actor-scamming, fuckturd, Natalia is, she is wrong.

    There is not a fee to “compete” for an EMMY. FIRST we don’t compete for EMMYs. We earn recognition for our work with the votes of our peers. SECOND – Academy members pay for the privilege of membership – and are vetted to ensure they are qualified to be members in their chosen peer group. They don’t pay to submit themselves for a nomination. Only non-academy members do.


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