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Since part of this acting thing is about trying to be healthy, or at least the appearance thereof, I figured I’d share a bit of my trials and tribulations.

First up: running with some neat new shoes.
My awesome girlfriend got me these Vibram FiveFingers
Since I don’t feel like typing and since I do VO for a living, here’s a little “stream-of-consciousness-slash-audio review” for ya:


Ok, update time… (2/23/10)
Now with 30% less “after-running soreness,” I am officially in love with these babies! I actually sorta crave getting out there and seeing how much of the 3.5 mile “around Silver Lake” run I can do. Last time out, I only walked about 3-5% of the time. Also, a few less glaring stares (except you, Redhead with funny looking bull dog), and I’m slowly figuring out how to handle downhill sections. Now if someone at Vibram would kindly tell me why running uphill is so much easier (dare I say fun) and what I’m doing wrong when the trail goes downhill, well… that would be just swell.

PS: semi-hard pack dirt trails are where it’s at for sure.

and funky shoes


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